I am a wanderer, what can i say......and in this desire to explore I have fully embraced a love for photography.  I lived without shoes growing up and still cherish the bark from my favorite tree.  As I grew up I began to travel and experience the outdoors in all different places, and I have never looked back. After living in different areas of the country, I now live among the pine trees and lakes of Wisconsin. I plan on seeing the unique and lesser known places in all 50 states over my lifetime.  I try to experience something new every year and continue to keep an open frame of mind for everything and everyone I meet along my journey.  Everything from the bumble bee pollinating the flowers to the forest landscape.


My passion for capturing the true essence of all that is outdoors was as natural as it was to walk for the first time once I got a camera.  My nature photography encompasses all of the stunning and often unnoticed wonders of nature that make them up.  Currently, my work is now being published in calendars and periodicals but I added most of my highly regarded pieces here in my shop.  Photography is the art of observation- find the interesting in the otherwise ordinary and life will never be dull.