Capture Your World

Isn’t it amazing all the things that make up the world?!  I know thats a broad statement, but it is…..and everyone’s world is perceived so differently from one another.   One person may notice the bees on the lilies in their yard and another may notice the architecture on a historical landmark.  Its one of the greatest things about the world and with my constant hunger to learn and open my mind up to so many wonderful things that surround me!

Even in photography, so many have different styles as in most cases of an art.  They have techniques that vary and particular subjects they love to capture.  I tend to love the long bridges and paths that give so much depth to a photo, perhaps my signature “type” of photo but I also love to really touch on the small creatures and details of nature as well.  I could watch a pine squirrel for hours because of their antics and one of my most recent captures of the hummingbird nest and her babies was more than enough to hold my patience for the right moment.  

I have a friend that does interior design I went with to New York, she opened my eyes up to some of the beauty of the buildings I may have missed or my father for his love of history and the remnants of times past.

What captivates you?   What draws you in to life….is it the eyes of a beautiful Indian woman. the blazing gold wheat field at sunset or the artwork on a downtown high rise?  No matter what it is, at the end of the day- always appreciate life and live for the moments that captivate you.  Life is fragile and the world is full of so inspiration…..yours included.   So go out and capture it!


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